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Compair project: Second workshop in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

The COMPAIR project is organising its second workshop in Brussels on the 20th of October 2017. The consortium invites its stakeholders (aviation experts, researchers, airlines, air navigation service provider staff and anyone else interested) to see and discuss the findings of the project and the proposed economic models.

We believe that your expertise would be very valuable in the discussions about the proposed models and the impact they might have upon implementation. Your input could give an additional push towards the successful completion of the project work. Therefore, you are kindly invited to participate in our workshop, organised at the EUROCONTROL building.

  • The overall goal of the workshop is to present and discuss the models the COMPAIR project has developed to explore the possibility of the involvement of the competition into the Air Traffic Management.
  • It is important to asses if the proposed models would achieve the desired results that is to introduce the competition in ATM and asses the possible side effects of such implementation.
  • The invited experts represent most of the areas related to the ATM and it is important to have feedback how the envisaged changes would be seen from their perspective.



Workshop details

  • Date: 20 October 2017
  • Location: EUROCONTROL Brussels
  • Address: Rue de la Fusée, 96 1130 Bruxelles (Haren)
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